We should be the first ones to denounce it

There has been threads about dodgy companies riping off well known brands, but i´d like to aknowledge a brand which is becoming wide spread and which is copying alessi, but in low quality and low price, and this really gets on my nerves.I think especially we designers should be against this.

Original Alessi, by Stefano Pirovano

_Koziol “remake”

And this is not an isolated case, this company is sistematically ripping off the Alessi products.Comments?_

I think I rather concentrate on good designs than knocking on bad knock-offs

You will always see rip offs. In this case I don’t consider it a rip off because you can clearly see the difference between the 2 products… this is the cheap alternative and people know this when they buy it.

I have see major contract furniture companies doing this for years with the modern Bauhaus classics.

I clearly see these two products as being similar. Functionality/Ergonomics are exactly the same. Overall look and feel is not exact, but very similar. Keep in mind that Alessi is a trend setting company. Just as in the fashion industry, many companies look to Alessi to define trends for the upcoming year.

I don’t feel it is bad business practice, but I also know that Koziol hires some of the same designers Alessi does for product development. Maybe it is the designer providing the same design for both companies and not one company copying off another.

In short, not enough information is known to determine if this is right or wrong.

I don’t think Alessi “invented” the rocker knife, the only thing i see similar in the styling is the fact that they both have feet. The Alessi version is much more human where as the Koziol version is just a “cute thing” which follows every other product that they have created. As for the ergonomics comment, the Koziol version looks more comfortable/practical, but i suppose looks can be decieving, and since i don’t have them both here in front of me i can’t truely say which is better.

Anyone heard of Ikea?

wtf is that anyways.

wtf is that anyways.

That is a type of knife used in kitchens for cutting herbs etc…
I would not see either of those products as original or trend setting as that type of knife has been used in many cmmercial kitchens for many many years

I was strictly talking visual aspect (that’s what’s all about in this level),
obviously alessi didn’t invent the rocking knife, but c’mon , the two cartooney characters rocking-playing with it?
Also agreed we can’t tell their strategy, maybe there is same people involved, I just speak as a customer-designer.

I could see being more offended if the proportion’s where similar, but the Alessi’s is much nicer, though the Kozoil’s characters are much more contemporary and better sculpted IMO.

It is your basic styling excersize, conceptual knock off. For instance most analog watches have round crystals, they don’t have to all mimic each other, but most do. This is a much more advanced case of design lazyness.

who cares, find something else to worry about like creating your own designs and bringing them to market
this discussion board won’t stop people from buying that you kook

I do agree in the sculptural one Yo, but that only in this product. the rest is more like this:

Btw, I love square faced analog watches.

As for clockman, i don’t want to stop you buying wathever you like, but I like to spot design strategies, and have an opinion on them. Do you have a problem with that? Then don’t answer, easy.