we miss Max

So we finally finished our big switch over to Solidworks last month. Everything went smoothly and I was very happy with the outcome, at first. As we were doing mostly injection and blow molded plastic consumer/medical products Solidworks was definitely what wee needed. then a few weeks ago we landed a contract to do a furniture collection, mainly upholstered seating. this project was/is very engineered (modular frame system). solidworks was great for the engineering side of the project but when it came time to render the “beauty shot” images to sell the client on, solidworks was a big disappointment. Photoworks just does not give that warm and fuzzy look that was so easy to do with Studio Max. The lighting options in Photoworks are so limited compared to Max. My problem as the Owner of a small ID company is that I spent most of my software budget on solidworks licenses and at the same time sold my license of 3D studio Max (not sure if that is legal or not). Now we are stuck, what can we do to get that warm and fuzzy feeling from Solidworks, besides spending 100 of hours photoshoping the images?


Thanks, but the reason that we purchased Solidworks is because we were spending to much on outsourcing CAD work.

use a free renderer. i’ve posted links in Software&Tech. most are .rib format. will just need to get them over. and then learn how to use them. but free is free.

Thank you ykh, once againe!

i happened to visit Polytrans yesterday. first time in long time. couple years. seems the lone Maya module has turned into a pattern. lots of modules now. SW looks well supported. if you cant get to .rib w free translator, might consider it.