we be so green

do you recycle your sandwich bags…hummmmmmmmm?

Generally don’t use sandwich bags.

I have this nice plastic container that has seperate sections for bread, a can of tuna, tomatos, scallions, and I put some dijon mustard in a film container to make a great tuna sandwich. I prep all the ingredients beforehand, and assemble a fresh sandwich whenever I want. Also lately I’ve been buying turkey breast in “disposable” Ziploc sealable plastic ware. I re-use these containers many times to store anything I need to keep fresh.

So no, I don’t recycle sandwich bags.

If I don’t use a container, alum foil can be recycled also! :open_mouth:

I try to re-use ziplocs as much as possible, except the ones I keep onions in. Also, I try to use tupperware when I can, that’s easily reusable. My wife doesn’t like my practice though and pitches the bags I try to hide for later reuse. Oh well.

good for you all, proud of you and me too. Btw here is a good tip on sanatizing zip locks. Wash them out with water then if they have had stuff like chicken or beef etc in them and pour in a shot of cheep vodka…close, swirl/shake and then pour it out…or have a shot if so inclined.

re-usable gladware is fantastic. It keeps my sandwiches from getting destroyed on the bike ride into work, and after many washes it can be recycled! I always feel guilty using sandwich bags.

I really like that separate compartment thing for all your sandwich parts though. That would be great.