ways to look for a design job?

How do you find your design job? Thanks

The “design job” section of the newspaper…its easy :unamused:

my first job, i interviewed for at uni…my second job, a recruiter found for me…my third job, a recruiter found me…my fourth job, a client made me an offer i couldn’t refuse…

One way is to decide WHAT you want to design (shoes, plumbing fixtures, camping equipment, snowboards, etc.), research the companies that do those things, and then go after it. It used to work anyway. Nowadays, who knows. But you have to be persistent.

Another way is to join IDSA (reasonalbly cheap if you’re a student) for the sole purpose of obtaining the IDSA Membership Directory. It indexes all of it’s members by region, company, and job position (names, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc.) But you have to be persistent.

The traditional method is to beat feet, with your book under you arm. But you have a thick skin AND be persistent.

Current job: They found me. I posted on the AIGA site including a link to my website. (I’m a member and graphic designer.)

also networking, cold calling, headhunters, placement/temp agencies

Freelance till you get a job. This is a great way to get your name around.