Wayfinding / Signage Designers in LA?

Has anyone made the transition from ID to Wayfinding / Signage design?

I find that signage gets a bad rap, but it offers challenging opportunities in design (especially in relation to airport signage design.)

How about the other way around? Do ID’ers find their way back to product design, once they’ve gone down the path of environmental graphics?

Just curious.

I got turned on to EGD my junior year when Wayne Hunt was a guest speaker at our college and have been working in the EGD/wayfinding field since. He showed us his projects with Disney and the World Cup Graphics and I was intrigued with the combination of 2D and 3D in this discipline

You are right signage has a -ve connotation to it…but I think it really is just a small solution/subset of a bigger discipline of Wayfinding(EGD, information design, place making etc…)

Aside from the design aspect, the rewarding part about Wayfinding is the analysis and the programming of your content that helps to deliver the right amount of information. at the right time, at the right place to your audience so they can engage your environment effectively. Though most in this field will tell you that no great piece of Wayfinding strategy can effectively solve the problems arising from poor planning by egotistical architects.

As for jobs in the EGD/Wayfinding field try these (and there are TONS in LA including architecture firms with EG studios):


Actually, I would love to “return to my roots” of ID/PD…wonder what it takes, after being away for so long…