Way to IIT MDes ???

I am from New Delhi, India.I received an education in Fashion design from NIFT(National Institute of Fashion Technology),New Delhi.Now for over 2 years , i have been gaining work experience in grahic design and visual communication,since i wanted to pursue my post graduate education in communication design.

This fall i applied to two schools , including DAAP and IIT,for Mdes. I was rejected at both though.

My GRE scores are 1350 ( 620v,730q) and TOEFL is 273.
While talking to people i was told that it was my portfolio that was not in line with the admission requirements.I had put in mainly work from graphics, packaging and layout design.

Now i am really keen on studying at IIT , as their direction seems very progressive. However i just dont want to apply again without knowledge of what it is that they are looking for in a portfolio , and who is considered a competent candidate.

Also , i hold a diploma , and not a degree , as in India , there is just one school that offers a degree in Design at Bachelors level,which has also started recently, ( i believe )

I wrote to professor John Grimes, but however got no reply from him. I am wondering if it makes sense to apply again , and what it is that i should include , or atleat how should i present my work , so that it shows the focus that the jury is looking for.I think improving on the essay also might help me,hough its the portfolio that is the major problem

Are there any people from IIT out there, whoc could help , or pitch in any info that will be relevant ? I have about three months on my hands , be fore sending the applications , but i want to be sure that its well worth the effort.

I got accepted to IIT this year but chose a different school. I have to say they were probably the most impressed with my essay out of my whole application. It was really really creative. That might be what they’re looking for. I can’t help you with your portfolio, though, because I never sent one and I’m not in design but architecture. I wish I could be more help.

I’ve been trying to tell you, very gently, what the problem was, and why you were rejected. Now that I have resigned, you have a choice, you can either go through our prior lengthy email conversations and read what I was trying to tell you and or you can continue to post on Core77 and read it online. The decision is yours. I believe I had also pointed out ways in which you could improve your application for a successful retry.

Again, my suggestion is for you to go through the portfolios posted on http://www.coroflot.com and take a look at them, do a search for ID if you must, though those will be after the degree, but take a look at the style, format and choice of products generally offered. Alternately, put your portfolio up on coroflot and invite feedback. The Core77 community is very helpful in these matters and I am sure you will get many helpful tips and advice.

IIT is run by a bunch of cocky people, as you can see in this person’s attitude toward you. you’re better off going some place else.

Niti’s right,

I’ve asked her advice before and she always has a great perspective on things. I was taught by an IIT grad and have considered going there myself. Its not the kind of program that you can just walk into unprepared.

Take her advice, revamp your work, and resubmit.

It is for good reason that 96% of my Spring 2005 graduates had jobs before the semester ended and I just heard of a one more being picked up by SAP.