wats the best 3d softwares for a product design student

Hi guys
Wats the best softwares for a product designer… 3ds max or rhino or solid works or all … and how should i go about learning these softwares??


Choose any 3D CAD package that does surfacing and/or has a parametric engine. Learn programs like 3DS Max and Maya as a supplemental part of your skill set.

A quick off the top of the head list:


I am not going to get into which is better, because there is no right answer. Learn 3D, not a software program and you’ll be fine. And I am going to ask everyone to NOT get into which is the best package. We already have 10 bazillion threads of that discussion.

Best way to learn is to pick one of the above and invest in a course. If you think of it as an investment, and it is, the cost is minimal.

Its a good idea to look at 3D software as an investment. In today’s market, you need to be strong in three primary areas : design/thinking, sketching/communicating, and 3D/visualization. Your portfolio needs to show great examples of all three areas, so don’t fool yourself thinking “I am so good at sketching and designing, that no one will care that I can’t do 3D.” The last guy I heard say that was a car designer from ArtCenter – and now he’s a cop.

Back to 3D : you need to remember that 3D software is the hardest software you will ever learn, so that’s the investment part. However, once you acquire some basic proficiency, that next software will be far FAR easier to learn. The fundamentals are actually quite similar.

The point is, get started and get good.

thank u for the advice… i am learning 3d max right now from a person who has worked under a product designer… good stuff!

I have already learnt photoshop 3 months ago and mastered it :slight_smile:

Do i need to learn Industry based softwares like PROe, ALIAS???

please Please PLEASE can we start a database/forum for pros/cons for each software so we can eliminate these questions every week???

It’s important to note the difference between a polygon based 3d animation software (like Maya or 3DS Max) and surface modellers (Rhino, Alias) and solid modellers (Pro E, Solidworks).

Each has their own use - but focusing on a solid or surface modeller for ID is more appropriate/relevant. Knowing Max or Maya is good though for creating renderings and animations.

the answer may seam rhetorical but… the best software for a student is the one that helps you get a job.

If you’re down to Alias or Rhino, I highly recommend Rhino. You have the following advantages:

  1. NURBS modeler (critical & mandatory for prototyping, avoid meshes, i.e. MAX and MAYA)
  2. Works equally well with surfaces or solids
  3. Intuitive interface / shortest learning curve of any 3D app
  4. Price
  5. Strongest importer/exporter, very friendly with other applications
  6. Now with ‘best of breed’ rendering via plug-ins such as V-Ray, Maxwell, and Brazil

This is a great idea IMO.

Yes rhinocerhos is the best choice, is cheap and strong nurbs modeler,
3Ds max is not for design actualy, because Its NURBS is horible (workflow),
second choice is studiotools but I dont know if is student version available.

And I can do stuff in surface modelling that takes 10 times longer in solid modeling. :laughing:

All tools have their pros and cons - it’s all about finding the right one for you and your work flow. A solid modeller + surface modeller in conjunction offers a lot of power.

I think everyone is overlooking MS Paint.

This can say it all.