Water Flosser Design Critique

Hey Core77,

I’m designing this water flosser and would appreciate any critiques on the overall aesthetic and ID. Without going into too much detail, the differentiator is the floss tip that has multiple exits for water to flow through, so flossing is faster and reduces error from poor aim. The internal parts are not completely defined yet, hence the different proportions but hopefully these sketches give enough info to start going into a design direction. So far, which design appeals to you? Any additional comments?

first off, these are beautiful sketches, both the aesthetic of the products and the quality of the visualization. Nice work! I don’t really have any feedback for you. The set up you did on your website is nice as well: https://www.thomasledesign.com/waterflosser

What is the audience here? Is this a conceptual portfolio project? Client work that went public or dormant?

Thank you for the kind words Yo!
I was hired to sketch for this project and then they made it public, that’s the extent of my work for them. Now I’m taking it further on my own by selecting a design to CAD model, 3D print and create renderings to tell the story. I am leaning towards Concept D, but just wanted fresh eyes on this

Thanks for the context Tommy, I would personally go with concept A, it draws me in with the softer, friendly feeling. I think D is also very successful but the proportions and overall form are a little similar to one of the higher end pod coffee makers. Those are the two that I think feel the most integrated and home appropriate. The more upright designs are more respectful of limited counter space which is nice.

Great sketches! They read well and that secondary image says a lot- that little hatch in Concept E is really fun for some reason.

I recently started using one of these devices and I really enjoy it. You really do have to have it out all the time. For me at least, it won’t happen unless it’s convenient. As yo mentioned, there’s not a whole lot of space at most bathroom sinks-- and the biggest inconvenience of my model is the cord! Maybe this isn’t the project to pour that kind of work into as your sketches really shine and you’re working towards a model… but that would make a big difference in the real-world use.

Personally, I’m drawn to Concept B as it appears to be the most convenient and easy to refill- something I do each time I floss. I’m a little skeptical that water jets from both sides would be an advantage- I like the precision of a tip and the flexibility to point it in any direction. Maybe it’s amazing- it’s just hard to picture.

I think A and E are closest to your aesthetic concept. If you don’t have any client limitations, I would keep working on the details to try to make something a little more unique. Maybe I’m not reading the sketches right, but it seems like you started doing something interesting with cork and back-painted PC / Acrylic. Good work!

I like B and C because they don’t seem like they’d tip over during use, and might be easier to keep clean of the toothy muck. The clear top of E is cool and feels clinically-clean, maybe that could be applied to another design as well? I wasn’t that into B until I looked at a larger image and saw the pillowed top surface, which was a nice ‘surprise’. C could benefit from some biggish color breaks.

Really nice sketches though. I like the contrast of some of the hard cast shadows of the implements, and the softer body shadows of the main form.

Thanks for sharing these!

For me, the drivers for a hygiene product and something in the bathroom is hygiene and footprint. Concept B looks easiest to clean. Something that gets filthy really doesn’t say hygiene to me. (I do like the UV disinfectant “hatch” of concept E, but how do you get rid of the nooks and crannies that will collect filth?).

Concept B also utilized depth over breadth which is always positive for space saving.

I really aspire to have a sketching style as good as this! I personally like C and D just as far as aesthetics go, I’m not really familiar with water flossers (this is the first I’m hearing of it). I’m sure the others here will have more fruitful feedback!

Thank you everyone so far for the comments, will be sharing more on this as I move forward

Please do! Great use of the forums. We love to come out to comment :slight_smile:

Absolutely fantastic work.

My comments:

A: Nice and minimal but still too much going on with the form. Feels heavy, unstable, and overly symmetrical. I don’t feel the cork bottom pad but you may want to apply a different texture to convey it better.

B: Better, with more emphasis on the flosser itself. This is simple and inviting. Visually it’s a bit unbalanced and lacks rhythm - it’s a plain buttons - flosser - reservoir sequence and needs a bit more tension. I like the white + sand/champagne combination, you give it an own touch while keeping it universal enough to fit most bathrooms. Also hygiene +1.

C: Same as A, and feels too laboratory/industrial. Footprint doesn’t seem that much reduced seeing those proportions. Clunky device.

D: Love the zoomorphic aspect. It fits the trend of bathrooms merging with the larger living space. A ‘living bathroom.’ Remove the grooves and add a more smooth surface texture, maybe something wavy, as long as it can be cleaned. The hygiene aspect is a huge buying factor. I know because I live with a doctor and am now overly aware of what’s flying to the air around me :slight_smile: I won’t even use my toothbrush before cleaning it, after I forgot to put the cap on the previous day. Therefore…

E: …great idea on the hatch. I love how the shape feels lightweight. You can extend that by adding a blend to the bottom surface, look at Ora Ito’s work for reference, for example his chaise-longues.

My choice is concept D, but combining it with the upwards protruding/popping out of the flosser, and protective hatch.

Keep us updated!