water filtration cum dispenser unit

Hi all,
I am a student of Industrial Design at the Indian Institute of technology, New Delhi.INDIA. I am doing a project regarding design of a water purifier cum filtration unit that will enhance the visual value of filtration as a process and shall be used to convey the brand image of the company (sponsors). The product shall be installed in shopping malls/bowling alleys.Also, it should be interactive in the sense that though the water dispensation shall be free of cost, the experience of using it should be registered in the mind of th user so that the company and the product, bboth, are benefritted through mouth to mouth publicity too. Could any body give me some clues regarding how I can make the 'first visual contact 'that the passer by makes a fascinating experience? Please give me some links that could be helpful, for example, has anybody seen Mr. Orange’s fruit juicer installation!I am looking towards a product that is eye catching yet ergonomically resolved and that shows to the onlooker how the process of filtration (5 satge in my case) is able to provide a clean pure water for his use.



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Can’t find any good images on Google. For the design, I think it would depend a lot on the proposed mechanisms and technology you are using inside the device. The size and proportions of the actual components, and how they are orgainized, will really dictate the external shapes, size and form. Using clear plastic to allow users to see inside the device may increase visual attraction, maybe allowing the user to watch, step by step, how the water is filtered, purified, treated, and then finally comes out the tap or spout.

I hope that puts things back on topic for now :unamused:

way bigger than your intended product, but it’s all I could find on Google that looked similar

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Now if we come back to the issue i posed before you, thanx man for the prompt reply.I appreciate your concern and the pic did serve some fruitful purpose!