Water activities & beach habbits_ Opinions needed!

Ηello everyone!

We are students from the University of Aegean [Department of Products & Systems
Design Engineering], Greece. We are currently conducting a survey about water
activities & beach habits.We are trying to collect as much information as we can, even from abroad.
You will find a questionnaire attached at the end of the message.We would appreciate it if you could fill it out and/or forward it.It won’t take longer than 10 minutes! Your contribution will be very helpful for us. The questionnaire link is this :

Besides the questionnaire, any comment about water activities or beach products that you would like to add, is always welcome!

Thank you very much!


Welcome to the Discussion Boards Effie.

This sounds like an interesting project. Please keep us all informed as it progresses.

Thank you so much for accepting me!

Of course I will keep you informed, especially when the results of the survey come out!I think they will be very interesting!