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Hi all,

We have threads for sneakers, cars and bikes. Just wondering if we could start one for watches.

I have never been much of a watch guy but I got engaged recently and I thought it might be time to mark the foundation of a family with a true family heirloom. Plus maybe a little gift to myself for celebrating that somebody actually agreed to say yes to this dude :wink:

So while doing a lot of research, I started wondering what the community wears on their wrists and why. The stories, the symbolism.
While diving in, I realized what a beautiful little segment of design this is where provenance and story are key.


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I tried. I really did. For me, wearing any type of jewelry is annoying. Except a lapel pin, but that is not on my person.

When I tried, this was the watch I had. 1930s/40s Breitling.

225684892_o by iabisdb, on Flickr

I have a hard time wearing a super nice watch… I just beat them up too much and then I feel guilty. It also just makes me feel showy (even though when I see nice watches I want one)… I also find that when I go without a watch I always look at my wrist for the time. I’d love to have a Panarai. I’m a time checker and I don’t always want to pull out my phone. So here is what I go with.

Daily Drivers: Braun Sport Watch and Nixon Platform. People ask me about these watches all the time. They are the cheapest ones I own.

Slightly nicer: Tsovet SVT-AT76 (poor man’s B&R), Vestel Canteen (people always think this is an expensive watch, but it is sub $500), and MHD SQ1 (not expensive but you never see them, and nice to support a designer owned company)

Nicest: Autodromo Group B. Expensive enough to have a nice automatic movement, get to support a designer owned company, I’m a sucker for the automotive inspiration)

Gorgeous! Couldn’t bring myself to go super vintage but if you do, this is a great choice.

Loving all those watches Michael!
The retro vibe of the Nixon is awesome.

Braun in an interesting one. I bought the ceramic Braun a few years ago more as a design reference but actually end up now wearing it a lot. The texture, feel and color is just so interesting.

Another watch in my (still tiny collection) is a Junghans designed by Max Bill, who I am a big fan of anyway.
While out for a walk my girlfriend and I discovered that both our grandfathers had Junghans watches. So we decided to buy and and share it. So now we both wear the watch equally often.

I’ve been curious about designers’ choices these days as well.

The Seiko diver automatic was my main watch for 15+ years. Been through 3 rubber bands and a stainless band. Simple, functional, durable, no-fuss automatic movement, and it’s been fishing and kayaking in many waters throughout the mid-west and south and still runs perfectly.

Recently got a new diver that likely won’t see the abuse that the Seiko has.

@Mehaffey: I’m always eyeing vintage Seiko divers! They are awesome.

@bepater: that ceramic Braun… I might have to pick one of those up though I’ve been trying not to buy anymore watches :slight_smile: … I love the story on that Junghans. That makes it special

@iab that vintage Breitling is pretty amazing. Did you get rid of it or keep it?

I’ve wanted one of the ceramic Braun’s for a while now, but in the black. It’s great to have a story behind a quality watch like the Junghans.

My daily runabout is a Mvmt Outback

Those divers are sweet. I have been into Japanese watches in the past as well but ever since I moved to Switzerland, I have definitely started to get more of an appreciation of Swiss watchmaking.

I considered a diver as well and really like the Tudor Pelagos. But after trying it on, I realized it’s way to chunky for my wrists. Which is actually a problem I have realized with a lot of the higher end watches which almost all seem to be 42mm.

Last weekend, I did a little day trip the HQs of Omega in Biel, Switzerland. They have a small but interesting museum with a lot of the Moonwatch stuff.
I really bought into the brand and their commitment to performance.
Their factory is unfortunately off-limits for outsiders but I got some insights anyway and it’s cool to experience how precision manufacturing like this is done.
Now I am lusting over this re-edition of Wally Shirra’s Speedmaster, worn in '62. He used his privately purchased Speedmaster in his missions before Omega even got involved with the space program and it held up perfectly. Also it’s 39.7 instead of a 42 :wink:

Vintage does require jeweler maintenance once a year for proper function. But my guy liked the watch so he usually had it done the next day, end of work for me.

I liked the rectangular chronograph buttons that were typical of the 30s/40s. By the 50s all you see are cylinders.

I sold it a while back, I’d rather have someone enjoy it more than I would if it were in a drawer or on display.

More like bowel mvmt… Their quality is pure garbage

Now I am lusting over this re-edition of Wally Shirra’s Speedmaster, worn in '62. He used his privately purchased Speedmaster in his missions before Omega even got involved with the space program and it held up perfectly. Also it’s 39.7 instead of a 42

That’s really cool. The Speedy’s have gotten obnoxiously large, especially the Dark Side and Gray Side models. But finding a ‘real’ 39mm or 40mm model would also mean its probably a 321 Calibre and really expensive.

I like watches but don’t usually wear one. I’m hard on stuff so stay away from beautiful/delicate. Was wearing this around for a while, it’s pretty obnoxious. Suunto D6i in white, with free-dive and apnea modes.

I like to like watches. But I don’t know if I could ever commit to just one really nice watch. If I did would maybe be a Omega Speedmaster or Tag Monoco or simple Rolex Daytona if not some weird vintage thing.

My daily up to a few years ago was this Citizen Eco-Drive. Takes a beating and keeps going and never needs batteries. Picked it up in HK for maybe $400 about 15 years ago. Came with both a black leather and black metal band so pretty easy to wear casual and slightly dressier. I wore it for my wedding recently.

I do really dig the Braun watches but they are too tiny for my wrist.

Almost picked up a B&R a few years ago. Didn’t. My mom now bought a BR-1 so maybe I’ll one day borrow it:)

I love the Ikepods by Newson, but they were pretty pricey. Have you seen they’ve just recently re-launched on Kickstarter? Not the same quality, but much more affordable.

As a runner however I use daily upa Garmin Fenix 3 Sapphire. Full smart watch with tracking, notifications, etc. It’s about 5 years old by now, but still lasts almost a week on a charge, sapphire glass doesn’t have a single scratch and takes me 100km a week in running no prob. Plus with custom faces, I have a chrono face that looks like a regular watch on the daily.

It also comes with a metal band I sometimes wear for more causal occasions (but impossible to run with as it’s crazy heavy). It was over $1000 so hard now to buy a watch I will never use either cheaper or more expensive.

I too was recently looking for a nice new or vintage watch for my wedding, but with everything else going on, never got around to it and couldn’t justify spending a few grand on something I wouldn’t wear too often…

Love that Brietling, iab.

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Yeah that’s true. I guess the 321 had a short production run and has gone through an evolution. I think the “First Omega in Space” as this numbered anniversary run is called, sports a caliber 1861, which as much as I can gather is newer and more reliable version of the 321. But of course not as much of an collectors item.

This is getting pretty nerdy, but here a video of just how complicated and precise these movements are like the Caliber 1861 in the video.

Anyway, I actually pulled the trigger on this guy. Good to know that it won’t be the watch that’s holding me back from going to space :wink:

Congrats! That is awesome. With that leather band?

Thanks! Pretty excited.

Yeah, with the leather strap. I’ll have to see if it’s too dressy for me in the long run and I might switch to a more casual strap.
One of the main reasons I went for it is that I think it actually can be dressed up and down pretty easily due to its timeless look.

Is that a cuff bracelet made from a metric scale? Pretty cool idea for a designer. Or, is it a regular scale to show size?

[ Deleted ]

Can you flatten it out and bend it back? As cool as it is I’m having difficulty believing it’s actually useful