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See > Havard ‘Kickalicious’ Rugland signs with the Detroit Lions

Note that he’s kicking a regulation NFL football.

Bah. Our kicker just posted a 65 yarder on Twitter today and set NFL records last year. And he’s a rookie…

Go Vikes. Boo Lions.

Double Bah…I mean 65 yards is ok.

Sav Rocca joined the NFL as a punter post his Aussie Rules career (has the distinction of he oldest rookie). Here’s him putting it in from about 70 yards:

and here is the NFL rolling out the welcome mat (1 minute 8 seconds):

If you’re interested, here’s a (long) piece on ex-Aussie Rules players moving to the NFL:

Cool. Love me some footy.

the three chips in a row from the one yard line is what caught my attention.

As a soccer player. It was the last shot that caught my attention. Every body has tried to do that growing up. Never been able to do it.

Our hometown SuperBowl Champs will keep our kicker tandem; punter Sam Koch and kicker Justin Tucker.


You mean you don’t want Billy back?

ughh, feeling dizzy again, like I did all off season last year. That missed kick was the worst moment I can remember but we lay just as much blame on Evans for not holding onto the winning TD pass one play before the kick. This year will be the real test, see if they can stay in the race for a possible repeat - Flacco’s gonna have to rally the offense without Boldin to go to…trading him to SF was a message to Flacco that he’s going to have to earn his 20.1 million this coming year.

Ravens are my second team. Always been a fan, and you’ve got Matt Birk from the Vikes, and Osemele from Iowa State. Looking forward to next year.

Billy was from my wife’s hometown… They went to high school together. Outside of that kick he was a decent kicker, but not anymore.

That missed kick really seems to have KO’d him doesn’t it? We’re sorry to see Matt Birk retire, but their replacement is a Delaware guy (Geno Gradkowski) so Flacco ought to have some instant camaraderie.

Now I need to watch another episode of “The League”!

Without Harvin?

Probably the dumbest trade in the history of the NFL. Ranks with the Cubs trading Maddux.

Go Pack.

We really didn’t get enough for him. But, we’ll continue to take your cast-offs. Hopefully Jennings can catch over and under thrown passes from Ponder.

Harvin was a head case. No one could control him and Pete Carroll won’t either. He wanted Larry Fitzgerald money… Not goi g to happen.

The Vikes will be punting a lot, better have a good kicker.

We do. Check out @ChrisWarcraft

No discussion of foreign kickers would be complete without the pure kicker to be in the Hall of Fame: Jan Stenerud