Watch Manufacturer

I am currently designing a “watch” for personal diagnostics

The quantities are low about 5,000. I am trying to find out if we are anywhere near the minimum quantities that would be worth making our own silicone housing or band. Does any one know of a watch manufacturer that I could talk too about our options? Otherwise I may have to go with an off the shelf band.

Three options for production:

  1. Integrated silicone housing and band - similar to a
  2. Injection molded housing with a custom silicone band
  3. Injection molded housing with an off the shelf band

The preferred options are 1 and 2.

Looking at the silicon compression molds in Scott Wilson’s TikTok Lunar Kickstarter project video, I’d estimate the tooling cost at about 1500-2000 dollars maximum for a multiple set.

Not sure the construction of the Alessi model, if the mechanics are post assembled into the molded band, seems likely.

Tooling for 5,000 pieces would be acceptable and the order would be enough to interest a manufacturer.

Alibaba or similar website.