watch in a box

I believe I’ve succeeded in pesenting fair lighting of this watch model. The fight was harsh 'cause I needed to do it over many times but now I can rest.

2nd - different position:

awaiting ur commments…

same image.

what software are you using? Rhino and C4D? the material shaders don’t quite look metallic. the wood doesn’t quite work. and a fabric interior would be difficult with any app.

back up and show us a wireframe. and tell us what the objective is here.

Yeah so sorry the right link for the 2nd img:
Tnx for comment. Currnetly Rhino + Flamingo.

suspect your wood texture source image is too low rez. makes it look pixelated. wood texture also not placed properly - different surfaces are not matching up. unless this is supposed to be veneer (but it looks like cheap veneer - sorry). might try making the wood simpler. less contrasty grain. take attention away from it.

the gold shader looks like a Phong, not a Blinn. has plastic look. and too yellow imo. metals can be tough. real tough. might look around at some shaders to help you make/modify one for your use.

you still have those solid black shadows. they are on the top surface of the wood edge too (looks like you have a spotlight that doesnt reach corners - add some falloff to the spot). and how many lights do you have? two? i almost always have 4. usually three spots and an ambient. and encase entire scene in an environment sphere to give objects something to reflect.

the watch face doesn’t look like glass. no refraction. no light reflecting and breaking into prismatic colors. and no depth down to the watch face. glass can be tough to do well. usually need two surfaces. guessing you only have one.

upper left area of velvet(?) is showing square artifacts. not good.

recommend you get some feedback from the C4D people over on CGTalk. i know the app can do some nice renderings. they can help you get from “okay image” to “hot rendering”.

Tnx for comment very educating. Working on the textures now since modelling is ok. I’m trying all options rather than getting Max I fear my machine won’t hold
All u siad about lights will be carefully studied
Tnx again

Max? problem isn’t the software.

What then? I’m puzzled

Cinema4D can do great renderings. Max isn’t the only one that does them. you can even get free render engines that do amazing images. if your image isn’t looking photoreal, it’s not the software. it’s your inability to use it. keep trying.

Before u pass judgement wait until u see the new rendering I’m working on then we’ll talk
Tnx for comment

comments and crits as requested. no offense intended.

check out . theres some free wood textures there somewhere. and check out the gallery.

Let’s see what u have to say about this. I’m now trying to make my own wooden floor so it would look more realistic

progress on the metal shader. consider making it brushed or turned or something. can do some of that with bumpmap. and can add scratches with a specular map.

wood isnt working. wood can be really tough. explain how your trying to do it. might have some suggestions. might not. i avoid wood. if you haven’t tried CGChat C4D forum, cant recommend enough.

Tnx for comment, ykh. I feel we have a lot to talk about but first please read this:
I hereby proudly pesent my final watch + bracelet, face only:
There’s the watch in the box I’m currently preparing
I want to share my thoughts about Bryce being a former user of it and having abandoned it without digging into it (DUMB!).
My main problem was materials/shaders and I got C4d thinking it would help me better - dead wrong! Bryce beats it effortlessly! Of course c4d is no longer on my machine

  1. C4d is much more difficult to operate on the very basic level. Mind u I’m not talkign about moelling.
  2. Working with materails in Bryce is very basic/simple especially where JPG are concerned. As this is so important and not easy to find on the web I decided I’d write one of my own, hoping it’d help folks out there.
    So I’ve re-instated Bryce as my chief material renderer and whoever uses Rhino (or any other) like me should follow. This is my own opinion and obligates no one.
    I also recommend this site for all u guys looking for good material:
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    So u see I never get bored
    Enjoy using

sorry to hear you gave up on C4D.

Well Bryce’s easier besides I can download C4d 9 if needed.
Problem found (by someoneelse): I was using lo res textures for the whole time (alsmost 3+1/2 yrs) not being aware there are hi res
So now this problem is addressed
Tnx for comment

You gave up C4D for bryce? C4D has one of the easiest shader systems (sorry, material; I’m used to Maya now) that I’ve ever used. Not as powerful as Maya, but a hell of a lot more intuitive, at least to beginners. I’d highly recommend that you stick with C4D and play around with the shaders some more.

FWIW, I find that making the materials is the best part of the whole process. I made a great carbon-fiber material the other day…it’s so fun making these glorious shiny objects that you just want to pick up and heft and feel the smoothness of their surface…