Watch designer

What would be the best design firm or deisgner to work with to design a new inovative watch? I am looking for someone that has a solid background in watch design. If you are one or know of someone that could be interesting please leave me their website adress.


Go to europe to find good watch design resources… or asia. US is tough. Watches are not as easy as one would think. Fossil, Nixon, Nike in the US are the only ones doing cool stuff. Starck did Fossil’s good watch however. Not sure who does Nixon’s good stuff. Unfortunately, you probably can’t use Scott Wilson since he is employed by Nike still, I think. If you could he would be the one in the US.

Maybe Yves Behar. He did a watch for Mini but it may have been only a concept.

You defintely should go with someone who has prior successful watch design experience. Not concepts that went nowhere.

Oh, also Astro. The first Nike Triax of course. Don’t think the guys who did it are still there though.[/u]

Do you want a high end watch designed, or a mid/low end? The differences are vast. If high end, drop me a PM and I can get you started. I don’t have experience with low end (Fossil, etc…), only high (U.N., Panerai, IWC, etc…)

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My advice is to watch where you are headed.


Hi what exactly are you looking for? Just design? Manufacturing? I’m a US designer but I used to work for a watch design/manufacturing firm in Hong Kong and worked on projects for Harley-Davidson, Bulova, Michele and the frank loyd wright foundation. If you can give me some more specifics I can probably help you out whether it is doing some design work or putting you in touch with a good manufacturer. The firm I worked for also does stuff for Technomarine, DKNY, Fossil and quite a few other big name brands so they do solid work at good prices.

Good group, has done a lot of watches.


so you know nothing about watches and need the designer to tell you ???

just find a designer with asthetics that you like and make sure thay are compitent

they will be able to learn the rest, that is what we do as an industry — right ?