wat to do?

I am a recent graduate and have been looking around for a job for the last 7 months. Have had over 7 interviews… so far, i have one offer from a small design studio, and waiting around to hear back from the company i am really hoping to get into!
is it ethical to keep one of them hanging while i am waiting for a response from the company of my choice?
Is it normal for employers to hear this sort of thing where after they make an offer they r told that they will get an answer about acceptance, but I need some more time? :blush:

yes, it is extremely common.
but, you have to play politics here.
by being diplomatic, and playing it smart, you could not only get
your dream job but also get your salary raised… ( see the topic " extortion
technigue" in this forum… it will help you to see how you can play these
two companies to get more $ )

but do be smart… you might lose both.

After seven months of unemployment…jeez, what are you waiting around for?

if it were me; I would take the job with the smaller studio. Its a job, work there for a year, gain experience, gain a broader industry network, keep working on the portfolio and decide if you want to move on after a year.

You’ll be in a much better position to be hired as a junior designer with more professional experience.

To Guest,

I know what you mean. I am very tempted to go for it, but it’s not as though i am sitting idle right now. Along with an extended internship I am working on a couple of freelance projects, so this way I have time to find my ideal fulltime job, as an entry level.

What do you mean it is ok for them to wait.


How many time have you or almost anyone on this board had to wait on pins and needles for an employer to make a hiring decision. It goes both ways.

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…i know people who have gone to work on a monday morning and quit by lunch time…business is business…don’t think for a minute that they wouldn’t do it to you, because it has been done it to others…if you don’t need the job/money then take all the time you need…must be nice to have a no-brainer like this just out of school.

yes, it is definitely nice. having an internship helps cushion that gap between unemploymeny and finding a job that you really really want.
I feel fortunate.
Also, is it customary to get a two weeks notice before you quit…or get fired?
I know mrd mentioned that he knows people that quit by lunch time… is that acceptable? Coz if it is…i am ready to quit…almost! :smiling_imp:

I started at a place on a monday and quit on Thursday morning, I’ve also left a job after only 2 months for a better offer - the more you get put in those spots the more you realize it’s ok to do that.