Was Santa good to you?

I got a chunk of coal from Santa this year, but what did the Old Elf bring you all?

Santa was good to my kids instead of me, this year. I didn’t get anything, but it was worth it to see them excited.

About 175 bf of spalted maple to make a bed frame and entertainment center.

A really nice pillow for high quality sleeping.

I kinda sorta treated myself to a new Audi TT. Even took delivery of it with a red bow on top!!


It certainly was time for you to get a gratification for your hard work and persistance. Being self employed,
who else should have given it to you?
Looks great !

Being self employed, who else should have given it to you?

Well, St. Nick of course!

Must have been a helluva surprise finding that under the tree! :wink:

Santa was very good to me this year.

I got an iphone 4s. It’s my very first smart phone and I’m in love with it. I got the 3D printed nylon fiber case, which I really like so far. My iphone tried on an embarrassing number of cases before I chose.
iphone front.jpg
iphone back.jpg
I got the Fiskars Cuts+More scissors, and I’m finding every excuse I can to cut everything.

someone else on this forum did the packaging for those Fiskar scissors…small world, huh?

Oh yes, so very small. I first got interested in these guys when there was a q&a with the designer:
Think designing scissors is simple? Think again! Q&A with Colin Roberts, Industrial Designer at Fiskars Americas

A gift from my lovely and amazing wife, Kristina Bell DiTullo. A pair of Cypher Goggles that I designed at Evo Design for Burton Snowboards’ Anon Optics line more than 10 years ago. They have been out of production for years and I often lamented not having them for my shelf… no more! So excited to have them! eBay, got to love it.