Warranty or wear & tear?

Hi, I’ve done around 70days riding in my 32 Lashed boots. They are starting to break at the edges now. And since we got several folks out there who work in the footwear business I thought I’ld ask is this a doodgy boot build, poor design…or just wear and tear.

The stitching around the toe has just come away:

The lace loop stitching and glue edge is breaking apart:

The rubber around the toe has come away:

The rubber up the back of the heel is coming away:

The sole on the corner came off:

The inner lace snapped:

Is this usual? Is it a warranty job? Are 32 known for poor built quality? The thing is I’m out in whistler until mid March and want to keep riding. So I’m kinda hoping that 32 can sort me out a credit not at a store without sending them back. Otherwise I’m going to start duck taping all over the place.

thats a lot of wear and tear, but given that it seems to be all over (upper, sole, etc.) i’d say it looks more like wear than a defect. i dont know of 32’s general product quality, but that’s my 0.02$ worth.


Break out the tape, 'cause unless you bought them in Whistler, You may not have a chance to get a refund. Try contacting Sole Technologies, er, I mean Etnies, Er no, 32. you probably can get a replacement, not a refund, if you try hard enough.

That is unless you are sponsored…then yell and scream

FWIW/IMHO: are they the best boots you have ridden on? if so get a replacement. If not look for something else. They should not be failing like that.

I hated getting this stuff come back to me and usually could point to the exact spot where the Sales/marketing came back and told us we need to knock out $.25 off of the FOB. So out went the stuff needed to keep the shoe in one piece so we could make price point and feed the gaping maw of consumerism…

Cheers for the feedback. Hopefully I should get a swap out, otherwise I wont be buying 32 again.