Guys need help, anyone know how to ADD MORE NODES int he warp function in photoshop, at present on a 200dpi A4 render i have the selection divided into 6 rectangles but i need finer warp adjustments… I fany understands what Im talkign about take 1 gold star, if you can help me have a smiley face too!!


Maybe try do an overall warp with the 6 segments…then copy and divide the resultant up into a bunch of new layers. So you’ll end up with a multiple layer image, each layer represents a different grid portion that can be warped with more deatil…

make sense? I’m kind of making this up as I go.

i think i know what you want to do. you want to be able to add nodes as if you were using the gradient mesh tool in illustrator.
unfortunately the default for the warp tool is dividing the rectangle of the selection in 9 segments (3x3) only. no way that i know of to add nodes. sorry. this is in CS2. i wouldn’t know about CS3

Warp smaller sections- that is what I do.

Search for a plugin for photoshop called squizz, i’m pretty sure this does what you want…