warp feedback

hi there,

well I was just playing around with the “warp tool”,trying to follow Richard´s tutorial,but I couldn´t follow all the steps,bit lost though.

so,what I did was to follow Skiny´s advice and play with it.

this is the result:

feedback will be appreciated.

It looks really nice on the mesh at the toe. I don’t know if you did it on the perf pattern that goes up the ankle (excuse the terms, not a shoe guy!) but if so, it could use a little more near the end. Right now it looks like it sticks straight forward.

Yeah Skinny you´re right.
The tongue area is a bit weird.

What I do is to make a copy of the pattern that is bigger than the normal one and start to play with the “warp tool”,after that I put the normal pattern on top and I use the pathfinder,is that right?,is there another trick?


From what I remember you do. I don’t really use it that much so it’s been a while.