WARNING - Wacom Cintiq 18" Cable Problem

To All Cintiq 18" Owners

It is very annoying to find out after spending $2,500 that this product does not perform as one busy designer would want. After replacing the cable twice (due to color flickering during sketching/screen turning) I was asked to resend my tablet for service. To make things worse they are located in WA and I had to pay for shipment (no reimbursement! Its box is gigantic! a real pain in the…#@s).

Now I have to wait who knows for how long to get it back. Service people told me they are very busy these days (wonder why!). Very arrogant service and sounds like they are doing you a favor.

I hope however is considering purchasing one to wait a little longer so generation “1” gets replaced by a better product or who know another company ends up offering a better product + customer service experience.

:shock: Thumbs down WACOM! :evil:[b][/b]

I have a 17" cintiq. The biggets drawback I noticed was that it is not as sensitive as the intuos models. This flaw has plagued me for a bit. Whereas the Intuos has a 1024 range of sensitivity, the cintq has only 512. Drawing on the screen is great but the renderings never come out as soft as when I use an Intuous. (The cintiq quality is comparable to drawing with a crappy graphire)
I too have problems with my cable. I will have to get a new cable.