Warning: nerds or people who have 30 minutes to kill only

There is a lot of talk about how manufacturing is moving overseas. Others talk about how this will lead to the demise of design in Europe and America. That’s why I was so surprised by this report published by the OECD in May 2007:

The Changing Nature of Manufacturing in OECD Economies

A few of the more interesting nuggets:

  • The number of Chinese employed in manufacturing has been declining for the decade up to 2002.
  • The value of manufacturing (not as % of economy) has been increasing in the west.
  • The textile industry is, by far, the manufacturing industry responsible for outsourcing of manufacturing jobs overseas.
  • The biggest factor to the reduction of employment in western manufacturing is increased productivity.

There is also some stuff on R&D in there that somewhat applies to design.

I hope this makes people think as much as it made me. Especially considering the election on American’s minds these days!

sorry for not reading it entirely - but in the abstract it talked about how MFG was declining, but MFG innovation continued to be dominated in EU, and a blurring of MFG and services(!)

doesn’t sound like design is dying soon.

on a sinde note remember the American mindset is centered on the loss of working-class jobs that paid middle-class wages, and the resulting compression of the middle class.