Warming up

I was wondering whether anyone here had some ideas on loosening up and warming up before you sit down and do any sketching - currently i usually fill several pages with ellipses and lines to try and loosen myself up before i try and do any serious sketching, drawing or rendering. anyone got any other methods or ways of going about it?

I sit down and draw whatever is in front of me, as loosely and quickly as possible, without worrying to much about spatial relationship (although this is a good technique to improve your perception skills of objects, including their spatial relationships).

if your design concept is composed of components you can try drawing each one in the same perspective, same scale. then find appropriate scale for each. this method allows you to :

1- get your template “feel” of the object
2- find any “mismatch” present in design.

it can get more complex but i’ll leave it there for now.

I usual start by doodling, a lot, and very small, like 1" by 1", while thinking, so I build up a library of ideas. Then when I refine them to show my team, I’m just trying to flush the idea out and communicate it. I’m not good enough to ideate and concept sketch at the same time, I find it helps me to do each individually.

I do this all the time.

And it’s the same sketch, same size, same exact view. A sketch of a deez’ mom. I work it until my wrist is loosey goosey.