War on Terror only about getting Oil???

I doubt the victims in London think the war on terror is about oil profits…

I think it is about extreme people that are desperate and have no problem killing random people.

Very sad…

Why didn’t you write this in the Peak Oil post?

what peak oil post?

Good Question?

It just disappeared…vanished!?

Maybe our moderator didn’t like some of the point of views in that post?

It has everything to do with oil profits!

The west has been meddling in Mid East and North African affairs for 2,000 years. And the last hundred has been over resources, mainly oil and gas.

How would you feel if a foreign army came in from Mexico and Canada, and confiscated all the oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico and all the pipelines in Alaska? Over threw your government, while bombing your post office, city hall, airports and schools. Installs a police state in your suburb, and then makes you reelect a new government.

Come on lets look at this situation as objective, rational adults. If I punched you, wouldn’t you want to punch me back. We are reaping what we have sown with covert and overt US - Mid East foreign policy of the last century.

It is all to maintain a steady flow of oil to US shores. So you can fuel up your SUV, take a nice warm shower in a nice warm home, while eating nice food that was grow, packaged, and shipped to you with oil. Where does this oil come from?

Live with it, in there eyes we are the terrorists.

Why didn’t the US go to Rwanda? They had plenty of terrorists there, but no oil.

Yeah I thought that was a little strange, especially because it was written in the off topic section. I was in the middle of writing a reply about peak oil and when I hit the submit button it told me that the post no longer existed.

conspiracy theory / coincidence theory - take your pick

Would you be able to cite any articles showing where we have seized oil wells and take profits in the Middle East?

I would love to see that, it would really prove your point.

I didn’t know the US is doing that over there. If your correct then I stand corrected.

c’mon guys, this is obviously because of the olympics

I thought that was strange. It was in the off topic section, then someone moved it. I would hope that it wasn’t yanked because of someone’s unpopluar opinion on something.


Actually, I might come to believe that both the Iraq and Afghan wars are the same, just implemented differently.

It might be a way to strategically place troops in two fronts. This is just the first stage of a major offensive. The 2nd stage will be the invasion of Iran from Iraq and Afghanistan with air strikes coming from the Persian Gulf and Azerbaijan 24 / 7. Saudi Arabia will probably be next when the monarchy falls to civil unrest, if not first if instability ensues.

Do you know that Iran is in negations to build a pipeline through Pakistan to India, possibly funded by the World Bank? Do you know that Russia wants to fund a pipeline from the Caspian Sea through Iran to the Persian Gulf? Where would all that oil go?

Iran will be the next terrorist regime; seeds are starting to be planted by the media as we speak.

These attacks are a perfect opportunity to increase British Troops in the region to alleviate the US military interaction, and politicians from implementing a draft.

I hope I don’t have to come to believe this BS.

I think we should give the Olympics to some Muslim country and see how they like it when Bush orders the military to go bomb those sites.

Do your own research. I don’t want to change your mind or point of view; you must do that on your own.

So you think it is fine to make bold statements and not back them up?

“How would you feel if a foreign army came in from Mexico and Canada, and confiscated all the oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico and all the pipelines in Alaska? Over threw your government, while bombing your post office, city hall, airports and schools. Installs a police state in your suburb, and then makes you reelect a new government.”

This was a very bold accusation of the way the US operated in Iraq. Maybe I misunderstood what you meant.

Or the other option is that you were totally out of line with making that comparison.

I do agree with your Rawanda comments, its wrong that the WHOLE WORLD did nothing about that. Not canada, not germany, not france, none of the nations stood up to fight for them.

So by what standards do you take action? Should only the poor nations be protected. If that is the case, then where was the rest of the world? Why in your eyes is the US so guilty?

OMG. I guess you didn’t hear about the British politicians who resigned over this little thing. How soon people forget.

I did not hear about that. What oil did the british steal?

Did you hear about the Oil for Food scandal with the UN?
No thats a scandal.

why steal the oil ?..control is all that was needed

and yes, now the US government controls the oil in Iraq by way of it’s puppet regime it installed under the pretence of “free elections”


Get a life, no one has confiscated any oir wells or refineries they are still under Iraqi control!

It is just a bunch of radicals afraid to give up the ability to use fear to control and suppress people (primaraly women) from bettering their lives, ecconomy, and sence of self!

This battle has been waging since the begining of all religions. People simply do not have the ability to maintain any pure doctorine. Our greed and need for control and power will always pervert it.

I’m not a conspiracy theorist but I have done a lot of reading and research on the topic of peak oil and how it will effect the global economy and there are a lot of facts that cannot be ignored.

One thing that everyone needs to realize is that the world is running out of cheap, high quality oil which is often referred to as sweet crude. There are other sources of oil out there like tar sands in Canada and Oil Shale in the Western Rocky Mountains (U.S.) but these are extremely difficult sources to work with. Peak Oil refers to the fact that almost all of the worlds sweet crude sources are starting to run dry. Saudi Arabia, which has produced much of the worlds sweet crude at Ghawar, has started annoucing that the field has peaked and has been irreversably damage from pumping sea water into the ground to force the oil out. The U.S peaked in the 70’s, the North Sea is peaking now, and civil unrest near many of the worlds remaining sweet crude wells in hindering explorations and output.

Look at all of the mergers recently like BP-Amoco, Royal Dutch-Shell, Exxon-Mobil, etc and you will see that the entire system is consolidating and fighting over what little remains. Iraq is an issue because it is one of the last places on earth other than areas of Africa where good fields still remain. The “war on terror” is an excuse for major powers to get their hands on what little remains or at least secure first rights to fields that have yet to come online. Iraq is literally one big field of untapped potential. Afganistan is a different story. It is needed because it stands on the way of major liquified natural gas pipelines from the Caspian Sea to the Indian Ocean. With U.S. boots on the ground the chances of gas getting to ships is now much higher.

In the coming years the middle east will be important, but look to Africa for some major battles to occur. The U.S, China, Iran, Russia, and others are all starting to turn their attention there as the last ditch source for cheap fuel. This isn’t just about putting gas in SUV’s, or keeping the lights on either. This is also about sustaining the massive human population which has been built up thanks to ammonia and nitrogen fertilizers which are produced using oil based products. When cheap oil is gone, so goes the cheap fertilizer that puts food on your tables. Look at what happened in Cuba when the Soviet Union stopped sending money and nitrogen fertilizer, the state had to reclaim all the corporate farms and encourage everyone to start growing urban gardens to feed themselves. Its a microenvironment test of what could happen to us all.

I could go on for days about this, send me a PM if you are intersted in learning more about this and getting some good sources.

Iran has been a hot bed for Terrorist since the early seventies. Remember, Iran is were we trained and supplied Bin Ladens followers to fight against the Soviet Invation in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Terroest factions have been hijaking planes, bombing trains,ect for more that 2 decades.

Blue you really need to pull your head out of … and view the world with your own eyes.