Wanted: CAD superusers to review Hacks

At www.CADtalent.com we are in the process of setting up a site to host tricks, hacks, scripts and techniques for advanced CAD use. We are currently in the process of interviewing reviewers to manage postings and evaluate links.
Qualified reviewers must be an expert at one (or more) CAD packages; industry professionals preferred. You would be give full control of the content as well as admin status on the appropriate section of the message board (assuming you behave :slight_smile:), as well as access to a super-user section of the messaging board set up for SU networking and available only to reviewers and qualified professionals from industry (accepted only with a certain number of nominations from the reviewers.)

If you’re interested contact me at johnl@cadtalent.com with a brief discussion of your qualifications. Its not necessary, but if you ad CAD Superuser to the subject line it will get to me more quickly.



What are the perks for our efforts?

Exposure, linking, and integration within the CAD community. Of the people we’ve considered thus far each has been excited about the CAD and design industry, looking to network with leaders in the field, and very experienced in one or more packages.

We are linking up with a number of larger employers in Design and the community is shaping into an interesting place for networking. If you consider playing with new tricks and techniques a chore, then this is probably not for you.

You won’t find very many CAD monkeys here, and the ones you do find complain endlessly about how much their jobs suck.