Want to work At Nike or Jordan Brand but this is too late..

This is my only dream and I want to make it real What can I do? I don’t have enough money to pay a design school in France, footwear designer for Nike or Jordan brand…this is very difficult for me because I’m from France, not a student, and I learn design shoe or other by MYSELF! watching some design by guys like Tony Hardman,Michael Di Tullo, Ryan Holler, that’s make me progress…
Now I continue to design shoe, at home, but i know my dream is completely down…each time I see a design, I look, look again, working with my only software: “PhotoImpact” (not big like photshop but it help me realize all my new designs) My dream is to go in a design school, or nike intership (design school)…it’s about money…my dream is going down beacause I don’t have enough money and no support…

I’ve posted a design…you’ll see the diferrence before kicksguide (2006) and after kicksguide (2008) I think I’ve progressed…and you what do you think?

this is my boot…

Hey Doopyx,

It´s a good point to put a target from the begining,but If you start never give up.
You said that don´t have money,so get a job and start to save money,nothing is easy and this world is very competitive.

And there´re more companies in the world,not just Nike,Converse or Jordan.

I´m working for a multibranding company,I´m designing for them,and of course I would love to work for the biggest companies,but under my opinion everything should be progressive.

I´ve been in London 2years (i´m spanish) working in a kitchen making salads,having some design courses,improving my portfolio,having interviews.working from monday to sunday 18 hours per day.

you have to fight,Is the only way to get something back for you.
don´t say…don´t have money,think in solutions.

of course man…thanks for the advice, me too I work now for mc donald’s company…I’m very optimist…and that’s why I work hard, everyday I draw something,…I know life is hard, and this is a real competition…
I listen to you…I’ll work more and more…Thank you man!

talking about your work,

there´s not much difference between the 0’6 and the 0’8.
obviously there´s a difference,it´s a little bit iproved the 0’8.

your drawings don´t make sence,I mean,you have to looking for the way you put the pieces in order to make sence,why they´re there.

try to work your proprtions,try to work on your sketches instead to improve on renderings,it´s important to have good level of rendering but also is important to have a good sketching level.
Im gonna put some sketches that I did while living in London:

by the way,how old are you?

Thanks Billy…I’ll work on it…proportions, I really got a problem with…now I try to make 'em better.

About Sketches, yeah I can…I’ve many sketches at home,Before I design a shoe, first of’ all, I try to make a sketch, work on differents angles, my only problem it’s the proportion…
thanks a lot for the sketches…thanks for your advice…I’ll try to see things which can make me better…Can I print ‘em? just to work a lil’ bit for mine…
I’m 23 years old .

Of course you can.

And I´ve got problems for the perspectives too.We never do perspectives at the office just 2-D’s,but everything is practice and practice.

I would recommend you a nice website,Is Yo´s website,I did learn a lot from him,from this website.


kind regards.