want to make something out of your design skills/talents?

as of right now me and another partner of mine are in the works of starting up our own clothing line, theres no pay or any compensation as of yet. currently im looking for serious people who have talent in design to be a partner in this new project, yes i said partner!.. the site design layouts and everything is pretty much taken care of. distributers are taken care of material etc everything is taking care of! all YOU need to do is help design clothing apparrels. which we will then sell on the site and various other places. once the company makes profit, the profit will be split in % by the partners and a % back to the company for use. if your interested email me at jimbonuttz@gmail.com serious inquires only please.

why start working for a major company and never get noticed for your work, take a risk, work on your own free time, have a full time/parttime job at the same time as working on something that you can call your own and grow with us.