Want some feedback motorbike/truck sketches

I am in my 2nd year of product design and am trying to get my sketching and then rendering in Photoshop to a better level.

Any constructive feedback will be much appreciated.

Thank you

And some more stuff…

Im jumping to conclusions here, but it looks like when you scanned your linework youve used the magic wand tool to get rid of the white areas and keep the black lines, hence the small amounts of white bits left in?

Setting the line layers blending mode to darken or multiply should get rid of the white bits and leave a cleaner black line

I think the orange motorbike is really nice, great lineweight, liking the thumbnail views aswell

the perspective on the second to last blue truck looks slightly off to me, but im guessing this was earlier work?

Work on getting the linework right first. Right now you are putting time into rendering sketches that ate not at the level to be rendered. With that time you can sketch 5-10 more variations and improve the idea vs Photoshop it.

Thanks Yo I will keep working at this. I am always looking at other designers/students to try and gauge at which level I should be drawing to. Work in progress though :slight_smile: