wall sketching

I didn’t use “Montana Hardcore” of any special paint for writers. That was ordinary spray nozzles, nothing narrow. Comments and advices according to sketching, shading etc. please…

comments might be placed here:

isn’t this called Grafitti?

my people produced the actual graffiti beside… the lettering , tags, white lightning etc. mine was made with no project or sketched idea… improvisation… just few cans in the backpack … that’s why i tltled the thread this way

uh…what is it? am i missing something?


mr webdesigner… advice… try to read the perspective _______ i know… too much screen - too much 2D and lack of 3rd dimension in first thought…
guess… :laughing:

mr. webdesigner? who me?

my guess is a dragon ? a horse?

how about a hint? how long did it take you to bomb that? ive always been interested in graf, but never tried to throw anything up…


i think your link is broken. I cant see anything.

edt: works now. Reminds me of the screen savers on Macs.

:slight_smile: :astonished: :laughing: guys I’m gonna help your perspective sences…

I see it now.

ah, got it. its not the perspective though, i think the image is just a little clouded by all the lines and colors going on.

anyhow, nice for an impromptu wall sketch.


I agree with RK. I think it is laking the sharp detials.

i mentioned thiss in the topic… had just amateur spray with universal nozzles, with something narrower it might have been more detailed but i’d rather choose just the front to further sketching if i had this opportunity…