Wall-mounted shelving/storage units

My partner and I are busy outfitting our new place in San Francisco, and both of us being mid-century nuts we’re considering a vintage wall-mounted shelving/storage unit a la Poul Cadovius or Kai Kristiansen. I assume these fell out of style because they’re not the most practical storage systems in the world, but I love them. Any fellow design nerds on here have personal experience with them, good or bad?

We’re also considering the modern equivalent Hart system, but it’s a little out of our price range.


Oh man. I’ve spent literally probably 100 hours researching wall mount shelving. Not so much the vintage stuff (too limited by what you can find) but new stuff in the same feel….

What are your needs or specs?
Wall length? Height?
Books or mags or just random display?
Wall type?


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Some of the past installs I’ve had at home for reference…


Oh damn you’ve definitely got some experience with them. We’re in a relatively small space (approx. 750 sq ft), so our most immediate need is general storage to free up some counter space. The wall in question is in the kitchen/dining area, and we looked at some larger freestanding “hutches” but didn’t find anything we particularly cared for.

We have about 95in/240cm W x 92in/233cm H of wall space and are thinking either a 2 or 3 bay unit with as many cabinets as possible (as opposed to shelves only) would do the trick. Trying to stay south of $3,000 USD. The whole process so far has me wishing we lived in Europe - seems like they’re relatively easy to come by over there.

The Blu Dot Wall Wonder Wall 2.0 is also an interesting option, though again the new systems are a bit out of our price range.

Pulled the trigger on this setup from an Etsy shop in Germany (fingers crossed it arrives smoothly.) Can’t wait to mount this mini-monstrosity.

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The ones I was looking at were more shelving than cabinets and much larger. You can never go wrong with a vintage piece.

Just make sure you have good wall anchors!

There’s no single Swedish home without at least one “string shelf” in it. https://stringfurniture.com/
Not sure about retailers outside of Sweden, it’s rather flatpack so should be available.


Those String shelves are nice. I’ve looked into them and while pricey, are not crazy. Not Vitsoe level!

Even though you found a solution, thought I’d drop my research here if it helps others.

Here’s a list of a few options.

also IKEA Elvari https://www.ikea.com/ca/en/p/elvarli-open-storage-combination-s59315159/

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