waitlisted at RISD MID program!

hi everyone

i’ve been wait-listed at RISD’s grad ID program. anyone have any advice for me? i called and spoke with seth stem, who basically told me that sending extra materials wasn’t necessary. . .but they couldn’t hurt, right? also, does anyone know how many people they put on the wait-list and what my chances are to get in, or any other info on being wait-listed? arskdjfghlskfjhgs! so much waiting, it’s frustrating. THANK YOU!!!

you don’t need to try harder, your good enough, just not rich enough.
If enough kids who can pay cash go elswhere - your in.
sad, but true.

I was 9th on an 8 person list for the MFA Furniture program at RISD a few years ago. Didn’t get in. Fortunately I didn’t put all my hopes on one school. RISD was 1 of 5 I applied to.

My advice is to not hold your breath. Apply to other schools. Move on. Don’t take it personally, sometimes the pool of candidates is too large to accept everyone.

I know for undergraduate work, RISD prioritizes their wait list. Call them up and ask where you stand on the waitlist. This should give you an idea of your chances.