Waiting to hear from another firm before accepting an offer?

Hello designers,

I have a couple of internship interviews coming up: one at a place I’d really like to work, and one at a place that would be cool, but not a dream come true. If I get an offer from the #2 place, is it acceptable to tell them you’re waiting to hear back from another firm? If so, how long can you reasonably ask for? A week?

I really have no idea about the etiquette around this.

It is ok to ask for some time to consider their offer, you do not need to tell them you are waiting to hear about another job. You can probably ask for a week or 2. You can also talk to the second place and let them know that you have an offer on the table but you would like to talk with them first.

Good Luck

If you get an offer from one of them, let the second one know you have an offer on the table, you would realy like to work there, but you need an answer. be honest with the first and tell them you are waiting to hear back from a second firm and that you would like some time. This will give them time to develop a plan b candidate.