Waiting for School Application Decisions

I’m trying to keep my mind off of the wait for application decisions, but sometimes it’s nice to hear from others in the same situation. What programs have you applied to, and have you heard anything yet? Maybe this can serve as a guide for future applicants, for when they might expect to receive decisions. thegradcafe.com has a great Admission Results database, but it’s only for grad schools, and there aren’t many entries for design programs. I’ll kick it off:

Pratt MID - Application confirmation email Feb 24 - no decision
RISD MID - no decision
Carleton MDes - application confirmation email Feb 16 - no decision

Waiting as well and driving me off the wall, all applications are in, finishing up one late entry this week but hope to have it out by Sunday. Man this is hard I am just excited to move on witht my next step.

hey dude. best of luck. i’ll be waiting for UC and Carleton undergrad

You too! When are the application deadlines?

Where have you applied, and who is taking applications? If you’ve managed to talk to someone to discuss late entry, that might serve as a contact, of sorts, that helps them put a face to a name. As long as the late entry doesn’t cause them any problems, then that could help you. They seem not to get on with the decision making for a while anyway, so you probably haven’t compromised your application at all.

The late entry is Colombia in Chicago, its rolling admissions. Basically I want as many options open to me as possible. In case I don’t get accepted to my first 4-5 schools, so that is why the late application. Not a lot of info on the program but what’s another application now anyways, cant hurt, can only help I suppose. Good luck to everyone let keep this discussion going looking forward to hearing everyone’s decisions.

Received an offer via email for admission to Carleton’s MDes program yesterday!

I’m in the same boat for RISD and Pratt! Just waiting…

But I’ve been accepted to Auburn’s ID program, though I’ll have to go through an extra post-bacc program there because my undergrad was architecture, not ID.


The RISD graduate admissions site lists March 24 as the decision deadline for most of their graduate programs. An email I received from Pratt said to expect a decision in late March or early April.

Have you guys received any admission decision yet?
I have just received the e-mail from RISD, waiting listed. :frowning:

Accepted to UC undergrad. : )
Still awaiting news from Carleton.