Waiting For a Reply...

So I came across a posting for a junior engineer in the seating and interiors division of a small aricraft manufacturer. I applied knowing that I didn’t meet the educational requirements they were asking for (engineer, aerospace engineer). However, the Lead Engineer sent me an email back saying he was impressed with my resume and was wondering if he should hire more ID people. He asked to see some samples of my work. I sent him a teaser of my work and then followed up about a week later. He said he was busy and hasn’t had time to look over it but to be patient.

Well that was 2 weeks ago. Should I email him back and maybe attach some seating concept sketches for good measure, or will that only annoy him?

I wouldn’t hurt to follow up with some new material. It’s better than just send an email asking if he had looked at your old stuff yet.

I would just make sure you word it correctly. something along the lines of here is some additional work for your consideration.

Great advice Ross… and depending on the size of the company, that Lead Engineer could be swamped with work all of the sudden. Sometimes hiring new help gets backburnered pretty quickly in small shops.