wait or call?


Let’s say you interviewed a company a week ago, they told u that they will call u back in a week or you can call them. 6 days has passed since that interview, will you call to check or simply wait? At least wait few days longer?

I wonder if they intened to give you an offer, the offer will be handed to you sooner or later, right? Unless they have other candidates…

Trust that that are other candidates. Many open positions are receiving hundreds of responses.

My take on it would be to make the call, if they told you that was an option.

In the very least it would indicate a strong interest in the position, and put you out ahead of those who are too timid to call.

You want to call.

Call once a week… Persistance can pay off.

Call. It might take a few days before you can actually reach the person. So many people are doing the work of 2 these days.

definitely call…my rule of thumb is 1 week