wait listed

I officially registered so I am no longer a lurker

I was set on going into Pratt’s MID program this coming fall, but was just notified that I have been wait listed. I’ve visited the school, communicated via email asking questions, had a terrible phone interview (really bad), and followed up with an email to try and reiterate my intentions.

I really want suggestions on what I can do to move to the top of the list, but I am afraid that another email would not make me look pro-active, merely annoying. Do you all have any suggestions on what i could do? I would not be notified until the end of May with their final decision.

Currently I am not working anywhere near the field, but I am taking a continuing ed. class in woodworking, drawing and trying to come up with new ideas, and I plan on taking a product design class this summer. Pratt seems to be the one school which takes people with different backgrounds and gives them the tools and space to realize their ideas. I was so excited and now I’m licking some fresh wounds…

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

*also, does this mean that even if I were accepted in two months that there would be no chance of any aid other than loans?

hey dont worry . you have a fair chance to get the admission. there would be many who will not accept the admission. international students have to clear the hurdle of betting US visa and many dont get loans or enough finance to do the course …so u c many back out…
if you r doing some courses related to ID then quickly make a portfolio of all the new stuff you have and may be if possible personally visit pratt and talk to the admissions head there…this might show your seriousness toward the course…

all the best