"wages and working conditions" survey for ethnographers

I’m not involved in this survey; just passing along the announcement at the request of the organizer - see contact information below

Dear Readers:

We invite you to participate in a survey that will help ethnographers practicing in industry learn more about themselves and their discipline. This survey has been developed by two veteran ethnographers – Inga Treitler and Gerald Lombardi – who over the past 15 years have watched the practice burgeon, but note that little common knowledge has been gathered about the conditions of our work.

To what extent do the ethnographers plying their trade in industry constitute a community? In what regions of the world are we focused? How much do we earn? What positions of authority do we hold? In what formal and informal ways have we procured our training? How long have we been “practicing?”

No matter where in our career trajectories we are, or in what sort of organizations we are employed, we will be empowered by knowing the answers to these questions, by tracking the goals and motivations that influence us, and by learning how we affect the industries in which we work.

Will you take twenty minutes to complete the survey? Responses are anonymous and will not trigger any follow-on messages, invitations or spam. Initial findings will be the basis of a presentation engaging practitioners at the 5th Ethnographic Praxis in Industry Conference in Chicago at the end of August. Thereafter, the aggregated data will continue to be available via the EPIC conference website, although the survey itself is not sponsored by or designed on behalf of EPIC.

To take the survey just click on the following weblink or paste it into your browser:


Please complete the survey by August 2. We are seeking broadest and most global representation possible. Please do not hesitate to forward this email announcement with weblink to suitable venues.

Thank you very much.


Inga Treitler
skype anthropologyimagination