Wage increase for long term consulting

I have been consulting for one company for a year now, is it wrong to re-negotiate pay?

No its not wrong. You are a know entity at this point. You know how the company works etc. You are worth more now then 1 year ago.

BTW if you are working full time for 1 year they must offer you benefits. This is the law.

Not sure what you mean by ‘consulting.’ If you are a salaried employee, I’d say good luck! Unless you’ve really set the world on fire the past year, it’s going to be hard for an employer to say, “Sure, we’ll up your pay, no problem!” When the design market is so competitive, with tons of fresh grads out there to choose from, your year of experience isn’t going to be a big selling point vs. a fresh grad that they could pay less!

If you’re a freelancer with a steady stream of clients, then there’s probably no harm in asking for more. If they don’t offer you what you want, then you go elsewhere and continue to work for your other clients.