Wacom Tablets

Hey everybody. I am a future Industrial Design student, and I am just concered that the Wacom Intuos 3 has been here for a while. Is the company planing to realease an Intuos 4. The graphire has already been replaced with the 4 and if you go to wacom.com, you will see that the Cintiq has only one model avalible for purchase, the 21 UX. So I 'm just wondering, do any of you techies know if the Wacom will be replaced. I don’t want to by the Intuos 3 and have the 4 come out in the next couple months. It seems on ebay and all over the place, their trying to sell them is quick as the can. It seems there something going that I don’t know


Well in my opinion a tablet is a tablet. What other functions could you need that the 3 cant offer?

well, triplusss, your right in at lot of ways, but if a new one is coming out like in 2 months and i’m going to be getting more technology with it for the same price than I would rather wait 2 months and get a lot of bang for my buck.

I seriously doubt people are ‘trying to get rid of them as quick as they can.’ It’s more likely that a lot of people buy them and just don’t quite get the hang of it. And, you know, Ebay isn’t just for people selling stuff they don’t want, there are whole ‘stores’ run off of there.

Plus make sure its not one of the older tablets that are not supported anymore, and only run on Macs. There are plenty of those. If a tablet loks too cheap thats usually because it is not supported anymore.

I bought one of those really cheap ones from ebay. I wasnt sure if I would use one that much or not so I spent as little as possible because I could always get a better one later. Well turns out the cheap one works great for me and I dont need to buy a good one. I dont know how long it will last but it seems pretty solid and was less than 30 bucks.

anyway, I just bought one on ebay for $376 Us, comes with warranty , orginal box and software. Like the say, you can never keep up with technology.