Wacom Tablets, Solidworks, Rhino and Wildfire compatibility.

I’ve searched through the archives and haven’t found exactly what I was looking for, so I’ll start a new post:
Has anyone had experience using a Wacom Tablet with:

  1. ProE Wildfire
  2. Solidworks 2003 and
  3. Rhino?
    I use all 3 on a daily basis and would like to get rid of the ol’ mouse to try to improve ergonomics.
    To give you some background, no one at Wacom or PTC has tried it. I have not contacted Solidworks or Rhino yet.
    thanks for your time.

works like a mouse. No big diff with SWX really, Wacoms are more useful in pressure sensitive 3d programs like Zbrush and Maya for organic freeform modeling.

I think in general it replaces the mouse for all applications. I cannot give specifics on the software you listed but I’ve used it with Concepts Unlimited. I don’t it use it that often. I think a mouse is a little better ergonomically. However, CU has a freehand spline tool that works very well with the Wacom. I can import pictures and trace them pretty well.