wacom tablet

There have been a few questions about the wacom tabs. I’ll add a couple more. I am going to get one of these but I am not sure about the difference between the intous 2 and the graphire. I am guessing for id you don’t need the added presser sensitivity. What about the tilt and angle do these make a difference. I do some photoshop renderings now with a mouse and it works OK I think a tablet would be way better and I would like to try sketchbook pro.

Is the intous worth the extra 100 bucks. I am probably going to get a 6x8. but I heard you can easily get used to the 4x5. I’m sure 9x12 is too big. Any suggestions on size. i usually sketch pretty small.

I don’t have a wacom tablet, but some people in my studio at school do. Actually, I think that the pressure sensitivity is important. You can add a lot of extra expression to your drawings with that extra pressure, because your lines can fade out. I want to get one before the summer’s over!

size? i have 9x12. works great… when i feel like clearing my desk to use it. wish i had next size down. dont forget practicality.

6x8 intous 2 has been on it’s way for a couple of days. I’m amazed that the e-bay prices have been so close to retail on these. Also I think the waranty is better on the intous 2. Plus I want the silver.

Now I have to watch the topics about sketchbook pro. This seems like a great thing. I can do some ok stuff in photoshop. Sketchbook Pro seems better suited to what we do.

I have Intous 2, 12x12. 6x8 is still way too small. You’d want freedom to move your whole arm across. I don’t even know why they make 4x5, it’s a waste.

I’ve been thinking about it for a little bit. It seems like some artists/designers use their whole arm while others do the doodle technique. The whole arm sketchers are usually much better. I’m a doodler. I think the 6x8 will be fine. I was even considering the 4x5.

Most of the feedback for the 4x5 describes how the users get used to the size.

I could imagine doing some photoshop work with the small tablet but it would be a waste of time for a drawing program.

Somthing to think about the size of your tablet. If you are doing vector lines the size is not as important. If you plan to do any rastor drawing a larger tablet would be suggested as it has higher pixel resolution meaning smoother lines.

what’s ur monitor size? because 9x12 intus is the most suitable size for 17inch monitor(LCD) that’s what i use, and works perfectly in any cad/3d program,

I have a 19 lcd. The 6x8 seems big enough. I don’t think I needed the Intous2 compared to the Graphire however.

I’ve been playing around with the demos of painter, sketchbook pro, and also Photoshop. I think it would be difficult to move the design process away from paper. It may be possible with the clintiq where it can be rotated around to do work. But the rigid nature of the computer screen not moving would hinder the process. For now I think it will just help making photoshop renderings better.

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