Wacom Tablet

Hello all,

i am looking to get a Wacom Tablet, but at the moment i know nothing about them! i am pretty much doing research on them as we speak (type)…can some PLS be patient with me and give me the break down, what to look for, benefits, who is their compatetitor, etc. my background is in Industrial design and Graphic design. thanx in adv


Anyway, there is some but minimal competition for Wacom. You’re best off looking for an intuos3 or intuos4, if you have the budget a cintiq would be super nice. You can get your faux cintiq on with a used tablet pc off ebay, some have Wacom technology.

thankx for the reply, but what did u mean by "really?’ lol i am assuming that is a sarcastic mark.

anyhow, what programs are used with wacom? i am assuming only photoshop, Alias sketch…anything else i should know about (solidworks, other CADD?)

thanks again

one more Q,

there seems to be many diff wacom tablets, what is a common size for ID/Graphics designers. i am on a budget also.

thanks again

I got a intuos3 a5 wide. Size is great, never feels to small. Only downside is that it doesnt fit next to my laptop in the messengerbag, because its too wide for the compartment. (about 3-4 cm too wide)

std a5 has almost identical size to the 15" mbp.

If youre on a budget, look for intuos 3, you should be able to get a good deal on those, now that the 4 series is rolling out. Havent tried the new ones, but the only thing that interest me on those is the wireless feature.

I have an Intous 3 6x11 (A5 wide) and I absolutely love it. If you do any photo retouching or photoshop renderings then they are hard to beat.

I use my tablet with these programs:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Corel Painter
  • Autodesk Sketchbook Pro
  • ZBrush
  • Autodesk Mudbox

There is no replacement to using a stylus when you are working with these programs. Having the ability to vary your brush strokes with the pressure sensitivity is priceless. It just makes sketching/painting/sculpting much more natural while using a computer.

Like bngi said… It’s just a tad bit wider then a 15" macbook pro. Mine still fits in my bag with no issues for easily portability. I use my tablet with my macbook pro and my desktop pc and there is really no issues when switching back and forth across a different OS.

If I could, I would buy either the Intous 4 Large or the Intous 4 wireless. The wireless option would be great for freeing up one of my usb ports on my macbook pro.

If you are needing to purchase photoshop or corel painter then you can basically offset the cost of the tablet. Photoshop retails for $699 and if you buy a tablet then you can upgrade the photoshop elements that comes with the tablet for $299. Corel painter runs $399 and you can get it for $129 with your tablet.

great info guys. thank you very much! :smiley:

would u get a small, med, large? im still trying to see the benefits of going large or med…any advice why i would/should? what would be the recommended size?

thanks again

Id get the A5 version, since it fits nicely in a bag because of similar measures to a normal 15" laptop. But it all comes down to what computer youre using it with and how you plan on working with it. Would definitely not go smaller than a5 though.

A lot of the decision depends on how you like to draw. If you draw from the wrist then the smaller sizes are better. If you draw from the elbow then the large sizes would work better.

One thing you have to take into consideration is how you will be using it. If you are planning on taking it with you and using it with a laptop. then go with something that will fit in your bag.

What he said! Great advice.

i do draw with my elbow, so i am thinking about a medium size to go with my laptop:

here is a link of my laptop:

i am thinking about the Intuos4 (mediaum - retails for $349) maybe even the wirless for $50 more ($399)…


does that sounds like a good match (to go along with my laptop and for a beginner to Wacom tablets?)?

thanks again

btw, i am not sure what u mean by A5 version. is that the med, large, xlarge?

I would go with the medium sized tablet. It should be great for your needs. It didn’t look like your laptop has a bluetooth connection so there would be little point in getting the wireless tablet.

there’s always a way… bluetooth usb dongle

It’s a big investment, but I would recommend getting either a 14"+ wacom penabled laptop or a Cintiq tablet… I had an intuos at first, but getting the tablet with a LCD really made using it much more enjoyable.

one of the biggest reasons - the Cintiqs hold their resale value really well. The 21’are $2k new, and you can’t find them for cheaper than $1800 on ebay… therefore you’d only lose $200 bucks if you change your mind or need money. I don’t use mine as much as I should, but just I can’t part with it after a year :smiley:

True… But you are are still taking up a usb port with that thing. It kind of eliminates one of the key bonuses to the wireless tablet.

You should check if there is a student version, because the intuos 4 medium is 299$ at my school (wired), which is 50$ cheaper than the price you said.

no such thing as student version. your school simply subsidizes/gets a discount on those items for being a school. consider yourself lucky

It looks like you can get the Intous4 Medium with academic pricing.

$309 at the academic superstore.