Wacom Tablet


My company are talking about getting a cinteq 21 tablet. I was wondering what good software packeges go with it? aside from photoshop? Also does anyone know wheres good to get one from for good prices?


Corel Painter and Sketchbook Pro 2010 (great ID functionality)

Sketchbook Pro. For every designer with a tablet or Cintiq its a must have.

Cool, thanks will look into it.

Yes, when it is only $100 you can not say no. :open_mouth:

What’s the difference between the Cintiq and the DTZ2100 on their website? Are they the same?

So whats better between Corel Painter and Sketchbook Pro?

Painter has more functionality, more complex art brushes, but a crap UI IMO.

Sketchbook has less functionality (though huge improvements in 2010) but is incredibly simple and fast to use. You feel like you’re working on paper, not working inside of an application since the UI really just disappears.

I’ve seen awesome results with both apps. Most people who use painter I’ve seen are doing it on a regular Intuos tablet, not a Cintiq.

Thanks cyberdemon. I’ve tried a trial of sketchbook pro and was impressed by how quick it was to load and the UI etc. Nice brushes and functionality. 2010 version looks good as there are ellipse guides and rulers included. Seems to be the way forward!

Oh yeah sorry one more thing. Why does sketchbook pro only allow you to sketch at 100dpi? Is it because any more than that would be too heavy on memory?

I’m sketching on 300dpi right now.

Go up to the top…

Image > Image Size > type in 300 where it says 100 next to Resolution


If you don’t have to do the above process each time you open SBP or open a new image…

do this to reset your default…

Edit > Preferences > Canvas > change Resolution to “300” or whatever you’d like

Cool thanks Taylorwelden that worked. Dunno couldn’t get it to work before. Thanks for the info everyone.

Is sketchbook pro 2010 SLM a floating license meaning I can load it on multiple PCs but only use it on one at a time?

here’s a bump for this thread with a different but related question. I didn’t want to start a new thread and have searched exhaustively on the forums for similar Q/As.

I’m looking to make the jump to a tablet. I’m considering the large Intuos4, or the Cintiq 12UWX.

I’ve never used a tablet before, so the idea of the disconnect from hand to eye is concerning though most of what I’ve read about it is that it’s something you get used to pretty quick. I’ve got now problem using the pen tool or others in illustrator/PS with a mouse or even my previous Powerbook trackpad, so I believe I could adjust.

Is the Cintiq worth it? I’ve heard some negatives including the resolution and forcing your main screen to be at a lower resolution in order to use it (i’ve got a 24" iMac), plus lower sensitivity to pressure…

I’d likely be using it for mostly sketching stuff/renderings in PS/SBP.




Hey R,

Welcome to the digital world of Wacom tablets, I know you’re going to love it. Adding digital sketching to my toolbox has really opened up possibilities, creativity, and efficiency for me.

I can’t answer your question about a Cintiq, I have an Intuos and love it. I found that even Cintiq’s and Tablet PC’s still are a little “off”, and I mean like 1 to 2 mm, at the very tops. It bothers me when I want to do detailing and am looking at the screen up close. With the Intuos you don’t have this, because your pen positioning is always correct.

If you opt to go the non-Cintiq route, I highly recommend you don’t use the mouse AT ALL for the first week or two. Just use the pen. What I mean by “at all” is, use the pen for web browsing, file transfers, using iTunes, modifying word documents, etc. It doesn’t make sense, but you will get used to the pen about 100 times faster than you would going right to Painter/SketchBookPro and getting frustrated initially. It trains your mind to accept the pen/screen situation. Now I feel like I could accurately put my pen pointer on any one letter of any paragraph on my screen, the first try.

Best of luck, enjoy

good advice. thanks. I initially was leaning towards the cintiq, but I’m getting more and more in the direction of the Intuos… Your tip to use the pen for everything for a while is a good one, something I hadn’t heard suggested before.

Likiewise I’m looking forward to moving to an all digital workflow. I love pencil and marker sketching and rendering but I sometimes wish I had the “Undo” after a bad stroke and didn’t need to go through the whole sketch, scan, cleanup routine…

any thoughts on size? The Large Intuos seems pretty big and capable. Any reason to go smaller or bigger?

One other question- is it possible to put a piece of paper over the intuos so you can trace and existing sketch or does the pen not register? Maybe even a thinner sheet of tracing paper or transparent overhead projector film (if they still make those…).?

Which Intuos do you have?

Thanks again,


I had this same exact problem/fear with a wacom tablet. The thing that made me take the jump was sketchbook pro with its rotating canvas. I rely heavily on rotating my paper, so this made the jump much easier. now ive gotten used to the disconnect and can use it without problems in photoshop, illustrator, etc.

now i have an intuos tablet, AND a tablet laptop for travel sketching. go for the wacom if you dont want to spend a lot, a cintiq if you have money laying around.

hope that helps.

Yes, you can do that. There’s a distance above the tablet where it’ll still work if the tip is depressed. For example, you can poke the stylus into the tip of your finger and then rub your finger on the surface to paint with. So underlays won’t be a problem. My biggest problem with the wacoms is the orientation issue. You can’t rotate it to get a better stroke like you would on paper or it won’t match. Your program has to have a canvas rotate feature built in which sbp has now so I guess it’s not a real issue now for a lot of us. I got mine a few years ago and only really used it for a month because of that, just went to the tablet pc.

Thanks for all the advice everyone.

I’ve decided to go for the Intuos4 Large tablet.

I wanted to pick it up today, but the stores with the best price and stock were closed:( Looking forward to picking it up tomorrow and already got SBP 2010 ready to go…

Any further tip/tricks or workflow advice would be greatly appreciated. (ie. do you typically work a sketch on a single layer to perfection, or do a rough, then another overlay layer to rework the lines? SBP vs. PS?, are other pens necessary/advantageous?, etc.)

will certainly post some samples of tablet stuff once I get through the training and have something decent to show.

Thanks again, Core77 community!