Wacom Tablet very slow in AliasStudio

Hi there,

I have an Intuos3 wacom tablet and I 've been using it in AliasStudio 2009 for a few weeks now.
My problem is that it is much more slowlier when I am using the tablet compare to the mouse… Especially when I am sketching with a large brush, even more when I use the curvature predictive stroke or when I toggle the sketch layer symmetry. Sometimes there is a udge delay before my line appear on my screen.
That’s really annoying.
Have you already heard or experienced it?
Could it come from some settings in Alias or in the Wacom tablet? Could it be the driver? (I have the latest driver)
I am also working with Vista 64 (no choice!)

Thanx for your help.

/Jean Marc

try reinstalling the driver, I guess… I have the same tablet and use vista 32bit, and I don’t have problems like that. I have 4 gigs of ram, so it may be a ram/ vid card issue.

check below link and search for “wacom”

make sure you instal the right driver

I will try with a different driver.
See if it works better
I will let you know