Wacom Tablet Sketching - Photoshop Brushes

Can anyone post a link to some decent sketching brushes for Photoshop? Or post settings for creating some? Thanks

For rendering, I just mess with the settings as I go. I haven’t found a good one for sketching yet.

decent PHOTOSHOP brush??
How about an artist link?
go to http://www.goodbrush.com
he is very good!!!
Don’t know what kind of brush he uses, but I heard he use Photoshop.

“Cartoonist Mike Foran has a couple of cool number 2 pencil Photoshop brushes – free to download” … George Coghill Blogspot

The File … http://www.monkeysuit.com/Fun_Sketchin_Brush.zip

The story behind Stumpy Pencil: Stumpy Pencil Photoshop Brush

Once you download it, just open photoshop and drag to the screen the *.abr archive unzipped… if doesn’t appears inmediatly on you brushes you can restart photoshop again…

Another Link … minart.net - minart Resources and Information. another brushes…

@ crepes:

kickass link, thx for posting.

OT: as for rendering/sketching in PS, i’m with yo - standard soft or hard round brush with different settings. usually not 100% hard for both sketching+rendering. for rendering, i usually set opacity to pen pressure.