Wacom Tablet Help


I have a question about my wacom tablet (intuos 3). Can I set one of my control buttons to the spacebar function in Sketchbook pro to rotate the canvas? If so, how? I have a mac and have gone into system preferences–>wacom tablet–>functions and set one of the buttons to “keystroke” and then when it asks for what key I typed in “spacebar.” Am I doing it wrong?

on a PC, the space bar is actually one of the dropdown options for assigning button, so you don’t have to type it in. Scroll down the list of default keystrokes and you’ll probably find it.

I believe if you just press the spacebar when it asks you what key stroke it will set it to that. I set up mine a while back and I think that is the way it worked.

Yeah you have to hit the actual space bar, not just type it. That should do it.