Wacom Tablet and Accessories Discussion

I figured I would ask everyone that uses a tablet (bamboo, intuos, or cintiq) what types of accessories they have, use, and what they like or don’t like about them. I just want to get a general idea of the preferences people have.

Maybe this will give other people looking to purchase one of these a better idea of what works/doesn’t work.

I’ll start it off.

My setup:
Intuos 3 - 6x11 Tablet
Grip Pen
6D Art Pen
Ink Pen
4D Mouse

What I like and don’t like:
Tablet - I love the size of the tablet. I feel the wide aspect of the 6x11 is great for wide screen monitors and laptops. It is easily portable as it fits in my messenger bag and it is only slightly wider than my 15" macbook pro.
Grip Pen - I use this as my main pen. I prefer the felt nibs as I like the way they drag on the tablet.
6D Art Pen - I like the feel of this pen but find little use for it as not all programs support the double tip.
Ink Pen - I don’t like it. I got it free with the purchase of the 6D Art Pen.
4D Mouse - It’s nice to have for limited use. However, I never really use it.

quick question. I have an Intuos Large tablet. Love it. I am using the mouse it comes with as my daily mouse. The bottom of it however has a sort of fabric on it, and it’s a huge grime collector. Got all kinda sticky crap and dust stuck to it and it’s hard to clean. I’ve tried lighter fluid which works a bit, but anyone have a similar problem or suggestions? I want to kinda scrape the dirt off, but don’t want to rip the fabric. Seems like an odd choice to put on the bottom of it, would think a nylon pad or something would have been better, though maybe scratching the tablet would be an issue.

Almost want to peel the fabric off and replace with leather or something easier to clean and still smooth… (BTW tried it through a piece of 0.8-1.0mm leather and works well.)


If the fabric is hairy like velvet, then a (very fine) wire brush is probably the best thing to clean it with. I’d avoid lighter fluid or alcohol as they could loosen the adhesive holding the pad on. Yes they are a pain in the a-- and get gunged up all the time :frowning:

I used to have an old digitising tablet (anyone remember those?) - the pucks/mice always had those locating crosshairs on them for tracing old drawings I guess. Thank god for scanners!

Felt nibs? That sounds perfect, I’ve been using these slippery plastic ones.

Any ideas if the grip pen integrates with tablet pcs?