wacom size, need help!

I’m thinking about buying a Wacom Intuos3 A5 / Intuos 3

the drawing size area is 20,3 x 15,2 cm,

Do u think that is enough or should the size be bigger?


I have one you are talking about and I really can’t see a need for a the next size up. If I was to go larger I would save up for the cintic. I think you will like the size you are looking at. All the tablets take a little time to get used to but I have never wished I had the larger tablet. I am not one that usually draws on large 18 x 24" paper though so I am used to drawing a little smaller. I guess think about what size you usually like to draw in and plan accordingly.

Hope this helps some.


thanx for the fast reply. I quess I’ll go with this one but I’ll have to think about it it for a couple of days before i spend 350 euros.
I’ve worked in a couple of design offices and no one uses them. BTW i’m into industrial design.
It’s usually a quick pen sketch and then 3d and I’m kinda sick and tired of working like that. I believe that if u sketch really good and make good photoshop renderings there is no reason to go into 3d straight away.
That’s what I’m gonna work on this year

I have a 9x12 and it works really well considering everthing is digital, and it’s all about getting your ides out quickly.

You can always alter the files later

You can always find a used or refurbished wacom and they’re are a little cheaper, sometimes a lot. Amazon.com is good for that and I think the wacom site sells refurbished tablets. If you have faith in people you can always scan ebay.

Well, i got an A4 and to tell u the truth i find it a bit big. If i would buy now a tablet (of course Wacom :smiley: ) i would go for an A5. Really, it’s more convinient an A5 especially if u have a laptop and u want to carry it with u. A4 is not easy (almost impossible to carry it with u!

I got a 12x12 hand-me-down from a buddy with an extra one. greatest gift ever!

only wish i had a 12x12 monitor to go with it!

I have at work a6 and it is a joke and have at home oversized a4 and it is the only size that is reasonable for me do work on for longer while.