Wacom pressure sensitivity in Photoshop - how?

Is there a trick to getting Adobe Photoshop to recognize the pressure youre using from a wacom tablet and stylus?

maybe I have it set up funny, because sketchbook recognizes the sensitivity while photoshop brushes seem to to have just a couple levels of sensitivity (almost just on and off)

Any idea what could be the hangup?

I have encountered into odd behavior with PS and brush pressure, particularly in a setup where the wacom tablet is being frequently disconnected.

the way it is supposed to turn on is via the brushes panel. For any of the attributes on the left, check the box and then use the “control” drop down on the right to select “pen pressure” to turn on stylus pressure for that particular brush attribute.

I don’t think there is an across the board enable/disable.

I can’t get it to work on my new system… Works fine in Sketchbook Pro.

I am still rocking CS3 on a PC and occasionally have this problem, but usually shutting photoshop and opening it again fixes it (until the next time).

Unfortunately this is the best solution I have found too. Sometimes clicking the ‘other dynamics’ box in your brush options palette works.

Make sure “shape dynamics” is checked and have the setting set to “pressure”. I don’t remember if that’s what it’s set to by default but sometimes I have to go back to that when switching between tools to make sure the pen draws correctly.

The brush settings totally fixed the problem… you guys are awesome! Thanks for the help

your driver is just being stupid, I use to have that same problem but I reinstalled everything like two times and made sure to save my hot keys and it is fine now.