Wacom Penabled Technology, good deal or disaster?

I have a co-worker who is looking at Gateway’s new tablet pc (http://www.gateway.com/systems/product/529667902.php). I am very tempted but I hesitate because I am unaware of how well the Wacom Penabled technology works. Who here has a tablet with the Penabled technology and can give me a review. All I can find is information from non-designers and I know a few of you have tablets, but I want to know is it worth it or should I just build a killer system and get an Intuos3? I could also get a killer lappy and an Intuos3 as well. I currently own a graphire tablet and have used a Cintiq as well, but I have never touched a tablet PC. Help a guy out. Thanks.

Examples of images generated on a tablet pc would be nice too, if you feel so inclined. Thanks again. :wink:

If you’re getting a tablet, the wacom enabled tech is a MUST! It doesn’t have quite the same sensitivity as a cintiq but it’s still perfectly usable. I have a tecra and I know those are nice (minus dust getting under the screen). I haven’t heard about any gateways though.

The Wacom Penabled is what you want - there are some other digitizer technologies (I know Gateways old digitizer was RUBBISH - you couldn’t draw a circle without getting a glitch in the lines thats how bad it was).

The pressure sensitivity is good enough - the main difference is that that the tablet PC doesn’t support advanced features like pen tilt (useless Alias Sketchbook, but used by Photoshop and Painter I believe).

I use both a Cintiq and a tablet PC, and the main advantages to the Cintiq are slightly better pressure sensitivity, and a better lower-glare display than my 14" Toshiba.

Personally I can’t use a regular Intuos. The whole “draw one place, look somewhere else” is realy just a crapshoot. I like having a line go (roughly) where I put it. The parallax issue can still be a bit of a problem but you get used to it.

Okay, the Wacom Technology is a plus, but how well does it work? Like I said before, I have used a Cintiq and own a Graphire tablet, but I wonder how the tablet is. I heard that it is less sensitive that the low end tablets. Is this true? I tried finding specs (levels of sensitivity) and could not find any. Is it hard to find because the specs are so poor? Thanks again.

The tablet PC digitizer is supposed to have the same sensitivity (512 levels) as the Graphires.

Early tablets had poor sensitivity, but I don’t have any serious complaints about the tablet PC…It’s not perfect, but it’s a great compromise.

So what about the new Dell Lattitude XT, it should have very good response times from what I have heard, anyone tried it.
The main thing why I wait with buying a tablet is cause the hardware on those laptops are really poor and often the graphics is integrated intel which cant handle all the 3d apps I throw at it.

The latitude XT is not a Wacom digitizer -it uses another brand of digitizer which is why it has the multi-touch feature. I can’t say it’s BAD by first hand experience, but I doubt it will offer the software customization that Wacom has (or be supported by graphical apps since the unit is more of a business based tablet).

The specs on the machine overall are much lower then what you want, it might be OK as a sketchpad but with the super slow CPU and integrated graphics it’s not going to do much in the way of heavy lifting.

Check out Ebay - the Tecra M7 was available with a Quadro graphics video card, it’s also got a 14" display. Many of us use that same model, though it’s no longer available new.

The m7 with the nvidia card is what I have and I believe I added tabtiptamer or something like that which lightens the tablet resources load on the system. It works nicely, 3-d modeling, rendering, sketching, etc. I work as fast as I want in sbp, the delay isn’t noticeable while sketching. There aren’t any “waiting for the line to continue drawing after you’ve already stopped” issues.

I ordered the Gateway c-141XL yesterday. I couldn’t pass up the specs for the price! If you order one be sure and talk to a salesperson, it will be worth your time. :wink:

I will give a review after I get a chance to play with it. :smiley:

definitely interested in your experience with the gateway.

i recently started thinking about tablet pc’s as well. not sure if you still need this, but i found this place useful: http://forum.tabletpcreview.com/ , including some info on using tablets for designers/artists.